Welcome to ArtBound.
We inspire giving through creativity.


ArtBound is an arts based charitable organization that empowers
the world’s less privileged to realize their full potential by building like-minded
communities centered on the arts.

Artbound’s Programs


After a great run with our yearly event, ArtBound embarks on a bold,
new chapter to leave its mark on a much BIGGER canvas. In the fall of 2015,
in addition to the yearly event, we launch a fantastic new way to inspire giving.
A platform to connect globally.


The Party
(May 2016) is an influencer and
campaign showcase event.


Creative Deeds is a
fundraising platform which inspires
giving through creativity.

Visit Creative Deeds

Creative Deeds
Online Store is coming soon

What We Have Done




ArtBound has built the Kisaruni Arts
School in Kenya. Since 2011, the school
has blossomed by providing arts
programs, classes and activities
to the girls on a weekly basis.


ArtBound has built a community center
in Rajasthan, India providing academic
and arts education, clean water and
sanitation, healthcare and
alternative income.


Want to find out about
inspiring things in the works?
Get in touch with us today.


ArtBound is 100% volunteer-run
and always looking for talented, driven team
members. If you’re passionate, articulate, and
ready to inspire the world here are some welcome
areas of expertise:

Brand Partnerships, Art and Cultural Connectors,
Finance, Campaign Support, Programming,
Design, PR and Media.

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